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The Snipe is manufactured by Selfsat.
This fully automated satellite is extremely compact, weighs only 12,2kg.

The satellite antenna is highly compact. The antenna is 45,4cm wide and 31,6cm high.
The Selfsat Snipe is portable but can also be fixed onto a camper or mobilhome.
The Selfsat Snipe is being delivered with the accompanied fixing bracket and is delivered into a highly compact suitcase.
When the satellite antenna is constructed upon your camper, it never becomes higher then 42,2cm when it is in construction. When not enabled, it is 18,8cm high.
The reception quality of the Selfsat Snipe is extremely good due to the patented Wave Guide Horn Array Function.
This function ensures that the signal is directly absorbed into the wave horn without being reflected.
The Selfsat Snipe is preprogrammed for use with 9 satellites (Astra1, Astra2, Astra3 and Hotbird are four of them).

Technical Specifications of the Selfsat Snipe:
> Fully automated flat dish
> Lightweight and small in format (454 x 316 x 188 mm)
> Plug & play ease of use
> Fast seek time due to the built in GPS receiver
> Easy to connect and fix
> Greater reception due to the auto-skew function
> Easy to take with you due to the suitcase that is being delivered with the satellite antenna
> Keep the satellite up-to-date yourself by using the built-in USB connection
> Works on 12v but is also suitable for 24v connections
> 9 preprogrammed satellites
> Automatically stops working at a speed of 6 km/h

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