Monoblock single per 3 Satellites 13° + 16° + 19.2°

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This Triple Feed LNB is a monoblock LNBF for Ku-band satellite reception from orbital positions 13°E, 16°E and 19.2°E in Central European countries. It is intended to be installed with commercially available satellite dishes that have the following characteristics:
  • For 85cm - 90cm satellite dishes
  • 40mm Adapter included

It features a frequency range of 10.7 to 12.75GHz divided into Low Band (10.70 to 11.70GHz) and High Band (11.70 to 12.75GHz). It receives waves with horizontal and vertical polarization. The LNB provides one switchable IF outputs (Single model). The output carries also power supply and control signals. Output port is F type. DiSEqC1.0 commands allow switching the output to a particular band and orbital position.

The DiSEqC ODU allocation is the following: "ODU A" corresponds to 16E, "ODU B" to 13E and "ODU C" to 19.2E. As long as no DiSEqC command has been received, the selected orbital position is 16E (ie DiSEqC A). The LNB comprises three feeds, one for each orbital position. The feeds allow mounting into the feed clamp of the satellite dish. The feeds will be marked with ?13°E?, ?16°E? and ?19.2°E? respectively.

The DISEqC positions (A/B/C) and the respective orbital positions (16E/13E/19.2E) are marked on the LNB housing. The LNB is supplied with 40mm plastic ring adapter.

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