Cypress LAN/Wlan Smart Media Player, PC2TV, Handy2TV (DLNA Client)mit Wlan Stick

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The WiFi Smart Player to TV can send video/audio signals from a smart phone, PC or Notebook through Wi-Fi to a TV and use it as the primary display. The SmartPlayer is designed as a DLNA DMR (Digital Media Renderer) which means users can easily send audio, video and pictures from a computer wirelessly to TV. This device can also act as a Wi-Fi Access Point for users to access a wired internet connection with their laptops or smart phones. Displaying audio, video and pictures through network streaming the WiFi Smart Player is a simple yet incredibly useful device for sharing content throughnetwork streaming.

  • Wireless PC/NB to TV
  • Wireless Smart phone to TV
  • Wire PC/NB to TV
  • Wi-Fi Access Point


  • Support PC to TV and Smart Phone to TV
  • Can be a Wi-Fi AP
  • WiFi Smart Player is a device that designed as a DLNA DMR (Digital MediaRenderer) device
  • Display various picture, audio, and video contents through network streaming
  • USB port for Mouse / Keyboard
  • USB flash disk for firmware upgrade

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