8" VGA/AV/TV 4 : 3 TFT LCD XGA HAMI 8005 (nachfolger von 8001/8003)

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  1. New model 8" Active Matrix TFT LCD VGA Monitor. PC / AV 2 in 1.
  2. New digital SANYO TFT-LCD.
  3. Slim size; crystal clear texts and ultra-sharp images.
  4. Windows iMac, Linux, 98se, NT, 2000 and XP are supported.
  5. Native resolution 800 x 600, 75Hz. Highest resolution is 1024 x 768.
  6. VGA port connect to PC or laptops 15 pins VGA port directly.
  7. Built-in speaker.
  8. Full function OSD control (PC RGB mode), election of user menu language English, Francais, Deutscher, Italian and Chinese are supported.
  9. Auto switch PAL and NTSC at AV mode.
  10. Functional menu and Full remote control.
  11. Low power consumption and X-ray radiation free.
  12. The A/V plug may be used to fit the signal cable when is connected to the camera, car VCD/DVD or video tape recorder.


  1. 15 pins VGA cable
  2. Automotive Bracket for easy installation
  3. Remote Control         


  1. Display Method TFT (Active Matrix System) Crystal clear Touch Screen and wide angle image
  2. Active Matrix TFT Screen Size 8 inch 4 : 3 (Diagonal Length); (162 x 121)mm
  3. Overall dimension (210 x 165 x 38)mm
  4. 12V DC input Voltage
  5. Native resolution 800 x 600, 75Hz. Highest resolution up to 1024 x 768.
  6. Contrast 350 : 1
  7. Brightness 300cd/Squa
  8. Response time less than 16ms
  9. High View angle L/R 150 degree
  10. Auto switch PAL and NTSC at AV mode



  1. This item can be connected to DVD, PS2, Xbox or digital camera with A/V port.
  2. Every items will be burn tested over 6 hours by our QC before ship.
  3. Extra flat cables are available for sell in order to do a DIY projector.
  4. All items and support are from Shenzhen, China

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